About the team

Konstantin Gospodinov
Project Manager
GSM: 0879 534 015
Konstantin is the engine of the project team. He will allocate tasks to the team members and monitor their implementation. His responsibility is to ensure effective communication between partner organizations, to prepare the necessary technical reports on the progress of the project and handle the difficult task to balance the budget. Konstantin is experienced in human resources management and the team will rely on his advices and skills for the successful implementation of the project “Life for the Bourgas lakes”.
 Manouela Mourdzheva
Project Administrator
GSM: 0878 599 382
On the excellent organizational skills and great experience of Manouela in administering projects for the past three years has relied the Central office staff, but since the beginning of the project she is a part of the Bourgas team. Manouela will support us in implementation of every day tasks and the activities, included in the project. She is responsible also for the technical and financial reporting. We hope she will be our “walking handbook” on all administrative problems.

Yurii Kornilev

Biodiversity Officer

GSM: 0878 599 371



Yurii specialized in interdisciplinary ecology with a focus on wildlife ecology and conservation. He applied his skills in various projects both in Bulgaria and the southeastern USA. His tasks in the “Save the Bourgas lakes” project are concentrated on managing all matters related to conservation of habitats and the priority bird species. He will also provide scientific expertise on local BSPB projects and aid the volunteers.



Mariana Valcheva
Communication officer
GSM: 0879 534 016
Mariana will be “the speaker” of the project team and its connection with wider audience. She will use all available communication tools to promote the project activities and the BSPB as a nature conservation organisation. The usage of new creative ideas for information and communication will be very important in order to obtain public support and understanding for the protection of the priority bird species, their habitats and Natura 2000 sites. It is up to her to elaborate the outlook and the content of all information materials about the project activities and the improvement of the protected areas infrastructure.

Yana Gocheva

Education officer

GSM: 0878 599 545


Responsible in educational activities in the project. Working with teachers and young people at regional level and Ministry of Education and Ministry of Environment & Water’s officials.

Graduated Forestry engineer in University of Forestry- Sofia, June 2011

Experienced in organizing of Educational youth activities for more than 5 years. Include weekly presentation meetings, youth environmental camps and some field visits. Has worked mainly with students from Universities, but also some younger groups.

Interested in Ornitology, Forests and different kind of nature conservational activities. Also many outdoor activities, traveling, Bulgarian traditional dances and songs. About 10 years volunteer in BSPB’s initiatives.


Georgi Gyuzelev

GSM: 0878 599 356


Georgi has a master degree in Ecological modeling and expertise. He has an experience not only in the field of Ecology but also in building and market appraisals. Georgi will consult all the activities connected with conservation and visitors infrastructure set in the project.(namely A2, C1, C2, C3, D5, D6 and D7). He is interested in hydrobiology, scuba-diving and photography.


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