Why should you become a member of the BSPB?

  • For the Birds Magazine (in Bulgarian; for English speakers please indicate that you want to receive our English magazine, Neophron) with exciting articles and impressive photography (twice a year);
  • Information about the conservation activities of the organization and the projects in which you can participate, as well as news in the field of conservation;
  • Discounts for visits at the conservation centres of the BSPB – Poda near Burgas and Iztochni Rhodopi, Madzharovo;
  • Discounts for our educational materials (books, posters, audio and video materials), souvenirs, T-shirts and other merchandise of the organization;
  • Up to 12% discount in Stenata Outdoor Equipment Stores

How can you help personally?

  • To visit Nature conservation centre Poda to touch wildlife.
  • By becoming a BSPB member and thus supporting the conservation of nature in Bulgaria.
  • By becoming a BSPB volunteer involved in various initiatives – create artificial platforms for rest and birds breeding, reed cutting, monitoring biodiversity and participation in education activities and events.
  • By cooperating to inform the local communities for benefit from lake conservation and their birds and wild nature in Bulgaria.
  • By holding a strong citizen position and helping for nature protection according to your personal capabilities and views.
  • By cooperating to inform as if you see waterfall birds in dangerous.

How can you help as a company or organization?

  • By becoming a corporete member of the BSPB.
  • By making a targeted donation for nature conservation – protected of a species or of a site.
  • By becoming involved as volunteers – you personally and your staff – in suitable project activities.
  • By providing support by financing, ideas, resources or otherwise for BSPB projects and efforts.