Name: Dalmatian Pelican

Citizenship: Citizen of Europe.

Habitat: The favorite place of the Dalmatian Pelican is the periphery of marshes overgrown with wetland vegetation. It feeds at freshwater basins. The presence of both habitat types is a prerequisite for nesting of the bird.



Address in Bulgaria: Srebarna Lake is the traditional address of the Dalamatian Pelican. There breed among 14 and 128 pairs each summer. Some young birds wander in different water basins along river Danube. Dalmatian Pelicans could be found during the whole year also at the Bourgas Lakes. Their number increases during migration and in winter. The Dalmatian Pelicans that rest at Atanassovsko Lake usually feed at Vaya Lake.

Number: The Dalmatian Pelicans in our country are among 14 and 128 pairs.

Nature conservation status: The Dalmatian Pelican is globally threatened species. It is rare in Europe. The species nests on Balkan Peninsular and Russia, mainly in Danube delta.

Distinctive features: This is the largest of the pelicans, averaging 170–190 cm  in length, 11–15 kg in weight and just over 3 m in wingspan. Except with its size, the Dalmatian Pelican is remarkable with its big yellow beak and lower mandible which turns red during the breeding season and makes it even more attractive.  Immature are grey and lack the pink facial patch of immature White Pelicans. The latter also has darker flight feathers.

Favorite hobby: Resting and feeding are the favorite activities of the Dalmatian Pelican. It likes to eat fishes and catches them by dipping its head into the water. After that it keeps the fish in its mandible.