Time for nature conservation brigade at Atanassovsko Lake

The time for the nature conservation brigade at Atanassovsko Lake is coming soon. Traditionally Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds (BSPB) organizes the event at the end of August.
Tomorrow volunteers from all over the country will travel to Bourgas. They will dedicate ten days of their summer vacation to the protection of the lakes and the birds. Most of them will participate in the monitoring of the bird migration along Via Pontica. First nocks of Storks have already arrived in Bourgas from north. The participants in the summer camp might be lucky to see huge nocks of Storks passing over “The Point” (emblematic place for bird watchers) during the pick of the migration expected at the end of August. All the volunteers will be trained by experts to recognize the flying birds and how to count them.
Over seventy members of the brigade will work mainly in protected area “Poda” and Bourgas Salinas. On both places will be renovated the artificial platforms for nesting of Sandwich and Common Terns. The volunteers will prepare “maternity homes” for the birds that will be used during next breeding season. New “island” for birds will be built in protected area “Poda”. Three new perches will be placed there which will be used for resting of the birds while feeding in Bourgas Lakes on their way to warmer places.
Most of the volunteers will work in the reed. They will clear the areas that could not be reached by the special reed-cutting amphibian machine that will continue cutting in autumn.
These are only few of the activities prepared for the members of the brigade by the team of the project “LIFE for the Bourgas Lakes” funded under EU LIFE+ program. Every year many volunteers, members of the nature conservation brigade, help the efforts of BSPB for the improvement of wetlands around Bourgas. Bourgas Lakes are very important places for the nature as well as for the people. They are suitable place for rest, tourism and practicing of different hobbies such as fishing, bird watching and photography.
Two art ateliers will be organized during the summer camp as well as evening presentations on different ecological topics and show of documentary movies about Bulgarian nature. One of the challenges this year will be making of documentary movie about the Bourgas Lakes and their inhabitants.